Christiansen & Sergi, Inc. has over 30 years experience in the design, permitting and project management of commercial, institutional, athletic facility  and residential projects throughout New England and the United States.  

CSI is a full service firm providing both Civil Engineering and Land Surveying services.

FEMA Elevation Certificates

FEMA has recently revised their Flood Maps throughout Massachusetts. Many homeowners are receiving demands from their lenders to obtain flood insurance. Christiansen & Sergi, Inc. is experienced in filing Flood Elevation Certificated and LOMA aplications. These filings can either lower your insurance rate or in some cases eliminate the need for insurance altogether. Give us a call.   .

Storm Water Solutions

Christiansen & Sergi, Inc. designs efficient, aesthetically pleasing storm water management facilities that meet or exceed today's stringent environmental standards while maintaining the most of your land's usable area.